Tuesday, December 2, 2014

X-108 Update

Well looks like the Xiegu factory and builder who makes the X-108 has realized that there are some issues with the radio and are making changes to it and replacing all those radio that have been purchased in North America and Europe. All dealers have stopped sales and are awaiting new shipments. This radio really does have some great potential covering all ham bands and running 20 watts out as well as many other features.
I have worked a few SSB and cw stations with the radio but tuning is still an issue as well as over loading of the receiver.Adjustments to the DDS clock as well as a firmware update made a few changes to better the out of box unit but not enough to make the radio operable all the time with ease.
They have just updated their webpage as well an have made an english page.

The radio is very sharp looking for sure and has a nice display, it will show power out, S meter, swr, has local time clock(I used GMT time), compression for SSB, RIT, and many other features.

So will keep everyone abreast of details and how the new radio works out of the box once it arrives.

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