Saturday, November 22, 2014

Back again......

Been a while since my last blog. I do Safety Training here in Northwestern Ontario and was in Ignace,Ontario 2 weeks ago doing some training, then last weekend was in Las Vegas for some RnR, did some shooting at Gun Garage Top Notch Place), went on the High Roller Pod Ride and overlooked the City from there, breathtaking.
Got home on Tuesday and then was up at 5 a.m. and drove 4 hours to Nakina,Ontario and then took a flight via Nakina Air on a Cessna Caravan to Marten Falls(Ogoki Post) First Nations, Marten Falls sits right along the mighty Albany River. Beautiful sunrises when one is North of 50 and snow all around. This week coming I will be on the road again and in Lac Seul First Nation doing chainsaw training, this is a 4 hour drive west this time, and I hope no snow while on the road. 

Anyway:Here is an update:

Well back home for a few more days and on the road again Tuesday. I left -20c yesterday (Friday) and today in the Bay we have +3c and tomorrow calling for +9c. Did the firmware upgrade to the Xiegu X108 today and made some of the changes to the menus will try later when my LiOn charger is done charging the PRC104 battery. Also got the updated YouKits TJ5A that I need to test out and see how it works.
 I also received my RTL SDR radio that I need to play with and see how that works as well, should be lots of fun I think, I want to use it for receiving HF weather maps. And if it works well enough it is small enough to take with me while I am up north and with a small antenna can listen to the bands like that.
Have a great weekend gang.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

RaDAR Shelter or Camping Shelter

Always looking for some form of winter shelter for outdoor radio adventures or to get out and do some weekend winter camping. I am looking forward to a few winter weekend survival outings as well if not too too cold, lots of snow will be ok for helping with a shelter.
Anyway here is a look at the Eskimo Shelter available at Canadian Tire and others, right now at half price, this unit comes complete with the sleigh and cover.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

20 meter PSK Report-6 Hours into VE3FAL

So kept the PRC-104 up and logging stations today for the last 6 hours, using 3 element yagi pointed South, tomorrow will use windom and see how results vary and might try swing towards Europe the next day with the beam.

As grey line comes in it is even more neat to watch propagation patterns.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

X108 vs. TJ5A CW SS 20meters

X108 vs. TJ5A from YouKits on SSB listening to W1AW/KP2

So did another comparison on SSB against the YouKits TJ5A and the Xiegu X108.

The TJ5A is about 200hz low from the frequency I heard them on the VX1700 and the X108 and the posted frequency on DXSummit.


X108 SSB Comparison W1AW KP2 10 meters

Did a comparison on SSB again today X108 VS VX1700 on same antenna, a windom at 30'.
Both receive well but the X108 is noisy by comparison when no stations active...