Thursday, January 19, 2017

Xiegu X5105 debut shortly

Probably just after the Chinese New Year, you will see the introduction into the QRP radio world the latest from Xiegu being the X5105 radio.

I do not have a price as of yet for the radio but I have some information that was sent along with some pictures of the radio, the radio will have built in tuner option among other items.
Here is some of the information that I do have:

Transceiver frequency: the HAM band within 0.5~54MHz
Working mode: SSB, CW, AM, FM, PSK, RTTY
Transmit power: 5W @ Max
Frequency stability: + 0.5ppm@ boot 5 minutes
Frequency step: 1Hz
Receiving sensitivity: better than 0.25uV
Selectivity: CW:500Hz (-6dB) / SSB:2400Hz (-6dB)
Dynamic range: better than 98dB
Spurious transmission suppression: more than 50dBc
Initial tuning time of antenna tuning: less than 10S
Antenna impedance: 50
Working voltage: DC 8.5~15V
Standby current: 400mA @ Max
Machine size: 158*91*50 (mm)
Weight: [contain battery, 0.77Kg]
The built-in battery, with automatic antenna tuning function, can continuous coverage of HF+6 meters band, full mode operation, with intermediate frequency output, it can connect XDT1 data terminal equipment to become the standard of SDR, the standard 500Hz narrow-band CW filters, ADSP digital signal processing, 5 inch LCD display, small in size, is very convenient to carry, and equipped with bracket.

So just wanted to share some of the latest from China before they settle in for their Chinese New Year festivities.
More information will follow as it comes in, and we will make any updates as we get it.