Tuesday, February 9, 2016

F.Y.B.O 2016

So I figured the weather was looking good and I would set up for F.Y.B.O. in my back yard at the picnic bench. I cleared the snow from on and around the table and started setting up just after 1500z.

I was using the YouKits HB1B MKIII QRP CW(www.youkits.com) transceiver with built in battery. I set up the Chameleon F-Loop (http://chameleonantenna.com/) antenna on a tripod and hooked that to the radio. My key of choice was my Czech military key.


Temperature was 19F in the back yard, and some light snow was starting to fall. The bands were alive with the MN QSO party among others QSO Parties and some huge pile ups as well on 20 meters.


I was able to work WA5BDU in AR and exchange information with him. On 15 meters I heard NQ7RP/5 as well but signals were way down in the mud. My goal was not to break any QSO records or any record at all, but to just get outside and set up, I had participated in Winter Field Day the weekend before and hauled my sleigh and gear into the bush and played in that. My goal was just to set up and make a QSO and have some fun. It was a pleasure to not freeze off any extremities and still send cw without gloves.

Stations were indeed hearing  my 5 watt CQ using the F-Loop which can be seen via R.B.N. or Reverse Beacon Network (http://www.reversebeacon.net/)