Sunday, October 18, 2015

Xiegu X108G Outdoor Version at JOTA 2015

Took the X108G Outdoor Version out to JOTA this weekend outdoors near Neys Provincial Park near Marathon, Ontario, temps during the day were 3c and at night was -4c first night and second night was -7c. We operated from a dining tent outside and was running battery power and a windom at about 15′.
We had light snow and rain during our outing and Saturday morning we did a hike to The Crack which is a large path through the rugged rock in the area.
Here are a few pictures of the weekend and a few links to YouTube videos of the X108G in action:

IMG_20151017_072959 IMG_20151017_110000 IMG_20151017_164758
Was a great weekend out in the bush and having the 1st Thunder Scout Troop again take part in JOTA


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