Sunday, October 4, 2015

Xiegu X108G on 30 meters listening to Norway

Yesterday Saturday October 3rd I had the opportunity to work Kjell in Norway, his call is LA1MFA

He is located 400KMS North of the Arctic Circle. I attempted to call him running 5 watts and he heard me but sent SRI WEAK, he continued to call CQ with no takers, I went to 10 watts and he came back with "L"?. I then went to 20 watts on the X108G and he copied me, lots of aurora on his signal, he was a 539-579 with heavy fading so I gave him a 559, he gave me a 519. I was happy.
I was running my windom at 25' and 20 watts with Czech straight key. He was runnng 1 kw into a 4SQ antenna.

Youtube Link below of his signal.

LA1MFA on 30 meters

Information on the Xiegu Radio can also be found here:

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