Friday, October 2, 2015

First CW contacts with X108G Outdoor Version

Hooked the straight key up to the X108G tonight and called CQ on 7.050 just after listening to W1AW for a while on 7047.5.

Put the Czech straight key on, using a windom set the power to 5 watts, cw delay at 250 ms and called CQ, Reverse Beacon Network showed the following:
I watched the FT857 blue light flash in time to my cw sent from the X108G.
I was called by Art W2NRA in NY and he gave me 339 and he was a 559.
I was then called after Art by Danny N7DC in VA who gave me a 559 and he was also a 559.

A good first test for the X108G

N8MSA VE3FAL 7050.0CW CQ [LoTW] 22 dB15 wpm0042z 03 Oct
W8WTS VE3FAL 7050.0CW CQ [LoTW] 12 dB15 wpm0042z 03 Oct
KQ8M VE3FAL 7050.0CW CQ [LoTW] 11 dB14 wpm0035z 03 Oct
W8WTS VE3FAL 7050.0CW CQ [LoTW] 8 dB15 wpm0032z 03 Oct
N2QT VE3FAL 7050.0CW CQ [LoTW] 8 dB15 wpm0032z 03 Oct
N8MSA VE3FAL 7050.0CW CQ [LoTW] 10 dB15 wpm0032z 03 Oct
K9IMM VE3FAL 7050.0CW CQ [LoTW] 11 dB16 wpm0032z 03 Oct              

                           on the X108G.                                                                                                  

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