Wednesday, September 14, 2016

FX-9A in action (well not really) against other rigs

I did a short write up about the FX-9A the other day and just wanted to follow that up with a video of it against a few of my other rigs sharing the same antenna and running the other rigs without a PREamp on and even turning on the ATTenuator to compare :
The rigs I put the FX-9A up against were
Vertex VX1700
Elecraft KX2
Xiegu X108G

Have a listen and then you tell me, the FX-9A gets bombed by them all including the Xiegu X108G with ATT on and PRE off.

73 all

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Fred. Aside from Xiegu and YouKits, which have support, I've decided to steer clear of the Chinese bargain basement radios, particularly the unbranded ones. I'm currently saving my pennies for an LNR Precision LD-11. FWIW, I have the Xiegu X1M Platinum and it has it's quirks, as you say in another post, but it really does work well. I can say the same for the LNR Precision FX-4A, a revised/reworked BG2FX design built in the U.S. I'm hoping (OK, expecting) the LD-11 to be better than either of these but, unfortunately, a bit bigger.

    Thanks again and 72/73 de K9NI