Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Xiegu X108G on WSPR with CHA F-Loop

I picked up a WolphiLink TNC some time back so that I could operate some digital stuff from the field using light weight set up. The WolphiLink married to my Samsung tablet seemed like the ultimate match so I picked a TNC up, since then I have been making cables to use it not only on my Yaesu rigs, but my KX3 and now my Xiegu X108G.

 The more I operate the X108G the more I like the radio and its performance, the lack of a dedicated digital port is the one thing that Xiegu should look into for future models, but it did not stop me and I wired a 6 pin mini-din up to go from the RJ45 microphone connector, a cable for audio from the back of the rig, and then wired to the 6 pin din to go into the WolphiLink, once it was done and tested I had success instantly in the first sequence sent on 20 meter WSPR from the house setup using my windom and 3.5 watts. The map below is of the first transmit sequence on 20 meters. A German station picked me up straight away.

 So not to be out-done I then grabbed my Chameleon F-Loop and took the gear outside to set up on the picnic table and took a shot at 20, 30 and 40 meters for a few hours. The Chameleon F-Loop is a robust and easy to set up antenna, extremely well built and manufactured and built to last and perform.

So running 3.5 watts into the CHA F-Loop using the Xiegu X108G I had lots of success, I had the antenna favoring East and West and was picked up on 20 and 30 meters from coast to coast, on 40 meters it was a bit early in the day and before grey-line so my path was actually almost all due South.
A video of my setup and getting ready to operate can be seen here:

The following screen shots were of the radio and loop in action on the various bands of the few hours I set the rig  up outside. I was powering the Xiegu X108G with a P-Box battery that has also proven to be a great powerhouse for many of my portable operations that I do.

 Above 20 meters on F-Loop at 3.5 watts
 Above 30 meters with same setup
This is 40 meters same set up

So it was a great way to spend a few hours out in the sun and operate in the back yard from the picnic table. I hope to get this rig out again and test it on PSK and see how it performs for me in that mode. I might have to re-wire the 6 pin mini-din as they are pretty fragile to wire up and cant take much heat before pins bend, and they have a very small soldering surface.
Thanks for reading and get out and operate from the field and enjoy the hobby, OH, and remember it is a HOBBY

73 Fred
Thunder Bay, Ontario EN58hh


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