Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chameleon F-Loop inside testing

I started testing the F-Loop inside the house on the kitchen table because it has again gotten cold out with winds, and -19c with windchill. So I set up the CHA F-Loop on the table, FT-817 and WolphiLink TNC to the Samsung tablet using WSPR and decided to test. I tested last night on 20 meters with the 36" aluminum radiator loop on and thsi is what I got:

Was heard in Alaska and into the USA, I was running about 3 watts before I set the Wolhpilink transmitter levels up to proper settings.

So once I set the drive level and receive levels the FT-817 was running perfect with WSPR.
I did some tests on 20 meters. 17 meters with much of the USA being heard, so I switched to 15 meters and turned the loop so that the radiated sides were transmitting east and west, the results are seen below:

So good results considering my house is finished on the outside with stucco plaster which means it has mesh steel wire all the way around and then finished with the stucco.


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