Tuesday, October 21, 2014

X108 shipped today

So I like to sell, swap, barter, trade,borrow and play with all types of rigs that I can to see how they perform, feel and operate.
I am a QRP CW guy through and through and still prefer operating portable and outdoors versus being stuck inside the house in a room. As you can imagine our winters here in Thunder Bay make operating outside challenging if not dangerous. In fact this winter because they are calling for loads of snow again I am planning on making a shelter in the back yard to play, sleep and practice outdoor survival skills, kind of a two fold situation, but anyway, I am straying off topic here.
I prefer QRP CW Outdoors and go through lots of rigs.
I have owned radios from tubes to transistors with my last purchase being the Elecraft KX3. I have owned a K2/100, K1 2 bander and have to say that I think the KX3 is their winner.
I own other rigs as well, Icom, Yaesu, and Vertex as well as Hughes PRC-104 military manpack radio that still works as well as the day it was made. I also have a number of YouKits products like the HB1B and TJ5A.
So once again I have strayed beyond my starting note of which is the title of this post.
So ed sent me an email this morning that the X108 has been shipped from his address and is en-route to mine so I will have another rig to play around with and test. The X1M that came out was an OK radio, was small but not a good performer on cw, voice and digital worked well at 5 watts, so I am hoping that the X108 blows the pants off of this little brother the X1M.
I will add some updates as we play and study the rig after it arrives.

X108 HF Transceiver


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