Tuesday, December 23, 2014

X108 HF Radio Second run

So after some issues with the first run of the Xiego X108 HF radio, the builder and engineers have made some firmware and parts changes to the radio to make it more out of the box ready. I am awaiting mine to arrive but with Christmas here mail of course is delayed so if it is not here by Wednesday Dec 24th then the next mail delivery day will be on Monday Dec 29th.

Those who have already received the updated radio say it is like night and day between the first batch and the second. Audio on SSB is much cleaner and clearer and the over-driving of the front end has been fixed. AM is also much better sounding according to those using the radio.

The firmware has been changed as well so the microphone buttons can be programmed by the end user to their choice and option for buttons on the microphone, as well a cw side-tone volume control has been added into the menu options.

So see what the mailman brings on wednesday, if nothing I will update my blog once the radio arrives and load some videos to my YouTube Channel of its performance.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year one and all.


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  1. I ended up sending my X108 back for a full refund. The radio has lots of potential but again I have problems being a BETA tester live and when it costs you $$$ to participate. Will continue to follow the radio progress as it moves forward, but still a long way to go to be out-of-the-box ready, and a long ways from being a cw rig, for SSB this little unit was bang on the money after a few adjustments by the factory, but not 100%.
    Ed at Import Communications is one heck of a great guy to deal with, so do not be afraid to ask him a question or deal with him, he gets my backing 150% on his professionalism.
    I also think the price needs to come down quite a bit on this radio, compare it to the Alinco HF radio and few of the others out there and much more horsepower per $$$ for these radios.