Saturday, November 17, 2018

Xiegu Communications new XPA 125B 100w Solid State Amplifer

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Xiegu Communications has really been busy on the amateur radio front with new radio's appearing on the market soon, teaming up with MFJ in the United States as a selling partner and then the release of their XPA125B 100w Solid-State Linear Power Amplifier.

This new design and shape of the amplifier give it a modern shack sleek design look and will fit nicely in the shack and tuck away. Measuring in at 260mm x 160mm x70mm and weighing in at 3kg makes this radio easy to carry and move around. Carry handle on the left side of the radio makes it nice to grab from place to place.

The amplifier mates with the Xiegu X5105 and X108G using the provided cables and maximum power is controlled via the ALC from the radios. To connect with the X5105 the CE-19 interface is required but with the X108G only ACC cable is required and of course your coax jumper. As well this amplifier has a built in tuner that will work in the amateur radio bands from 160m up to 6m. Runs on 12-15v and needs a power supply capable of 30A for maximum power output and draws a mere 700ma on standby. 100w on 1.8-30 MHz and approximately 80w on 6 meters. It can be used on SSB and CW and other modes without any issues using Xiegu radios.

The antenna tuning unit (ATU) says it can handle an impedance of 14-500 ohms and tunes very quickly. Band switching can be done either manually or through the radio itself .

The LCD display will show you all pertinent information with regards to band, temperature of amplifier, voltage, current draw, SWR, On/OFF status, RX and TX mode, and ATU status with regards to ATU being on or off.

Connection of this amplifier can be used with other QRP radios but appropriate cables would have to be made for specific radios used. The manual does show the ACC port and talks about PTT voltages and makes mention of pin 2 being PTT input voltage control. The amplifier is also fused for protection in the event the amplifier goes in current overload or a short appears.

Looking at the first version (left) and the newest amplifier(right) you can see the nice design changes that have been made:

 This is just a quick overview of the amplifier and some of what Xiegu is introducing into the amateur radio market. Video of the unit up and running will be available soon and more reviews to follow.
As well Xiegu is introducing 2 more QRP to the market in the distant future.


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Monday, January 29, 2018

Winter Field Day 2018

Well did WFD 2018 from my tent location, no big bragging score or anything to write home about, but I got out,spent the weekend, drilled holes on the Lake to do some fishing, some quadding and of course operated radio.
Saturday was -2c, Saturday night got down to -15c and with windchill was -24c.
Tent was 32c at the peak and lowest temp was 5c....

So here is the link to my video of WFD 2018, I will post next video of drilling holes in 2' of ice and playing on the quad.



Saturday, December 30, 2017

Happy New Year around the World

Myself and my wife Teresa would like to take this time to wish our family, friends and all a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2018.
I wish to thank all my amateur radio friends, YouTube followers and more also a very Happy New Year....

Health, Peace, Prosperity and Friendship to all for 2018

Fred and Teresa
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Friday, December 15, 2017

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It has been a while since I posted to my blog but have been keeping up with posted videos on my YouTube Channel as well as Google+.
Work is still taking me up North quite a bit and the store has been keeping us busy along with regular  maintenance and of course with winter here, cleaning and more cleaning.

I just want to take this time to wish all a very special Holiday Season and that Peace on earth and Respect can once again become the norm.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New year to all and all the best in 2018

Teresa VE3TLL
and the rest of our Family

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cold Water Boot Camp

Pre-production X5105 SSB Test at 5 watts

Worked David W5WAZ on 14.300 today just after 1600z. Took a bit for him to hear me in his noise, but he got me and we had a qso after that. Used the MFJ whip and counterpoise facing south direction.

This is a pre-production model and we are awaiting new firmware to be able to update some of the many issues with it. The radio charges the internal battery from any external 12v power source so no special adapter is required. I will continue to review and post as this unit progresses further.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Winter Field Day Jan 28-29 2017

Fred Lesnick

Exchange: VE3FAL -10(1 station, outdoors), ONN (Ontario North)

Saturday morning packed the truck with gear and sleigh to pull into my shelter location South of Thunder Bay. This location serves as not only the area I like to hunt, hike and bike, but also my training grounds for Winter Survival as well as a training grounds for the 1st Thunder Scout Explorer Group that I am proud to be part of.

I parked the truck and pulled the sleigh in 2 kms to the location. Opened up the tent and got the fire going straight away inside as well as outside.  Morning temperature was nice and the hike was peaceful as well. Scouter James and part of the troop showed up just after 10am where we practiced building and setting primitive traps up as well as relax and enjoy the day. I prepped a spot for my KX2 in the tent and later put the Packtenna EF up in the tree’s with the help of Scouter James. We were ready to roll for the 1900z start of WFD. I opted to operate 40 meters QRP CW only as it was the only band that showed any real activity; the higher bands were very spotty. 

Scouter James and I spent the entire night out at the tent while I played off and on in the test. I was able to make 10 completed qso’s (exchanges) and actually beat my score from last year. For me it’s not hardcore, I am just out to play and hone skills both with radio and survival. 

I made a short video of the day dedicated to WFD and it can be seen on my YouTube Channel:

73 Fred VE3FAL