Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The YouKits TJ5A

I figured it was time to show the workings of the TJ5A 4 band tranceiver made by YouKits.Canada

The radio is a 4 band radio that runs USB/LSB and cw on 40,20,15 and 10 meters. 20 watts out on SSB and 10 watts on cw. The receiver in this radio is very quiet but selectivity is good, I am able to hear everything that my VX1700 or FT857 can hear on the same windom antenna.

Various tuning steps for the radio can be used, and since I acquired the first TJ5A Yimin has changed the tuning rate one more time to allow faster tuning. There is a VFO/MEM mode as well and an RIT for tuning.

Today I fine tuned and adjusted the DDS clock just slightly to be bang on with my FT857 on cw which also lined everything up for USB and LSB as well, it was out just ever so slightly but now all is good. I was able to check into the Maritime Mobile Net on 14.300 with no problems at all and a good audio report too.

Anyone who has tried the YouKits HB1B or HB1A knows how well these radios receive, Yimin strives for quality and satisfaction in all of his products that his factory puts together and he is always wanting to come up with the perfect QRP minimalist radio and knows it is going to be a Work In Progress for some time to come.

All the YouKits products are tested and reviewed by the ARRL test lab and given workout and then a full report to Yimin, at that point he will make good any adjustments that are required to keep the radio in specs. This is also teh reason he only goes with 3 or 4 band radios, as the ARRL test lab prefers it to keep the radio simple and spurious emissions at their lowest.

Yimin will produce a band specific radio as well if there is something that you are looking for in a single, dual or multiband radio.

We have a Yahoo site that I maintain as well to keep folks in the loop and to have a place for questions and throw ideas around, and Yimin does monitor the group as well.

I have included some pictures of the TJ5A internal organs. Any other questions about the TJ5A and can be found at the YouKits webpage listed at the top of this blog.

Display Board

Front Panel (Plastic still on my display)

Side panel, microphone, antenna and on/off switch


PA Unit

Main Board

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