Thursday, December 11, 2014

Calling CQ with TJ5A at 5 watts

Thought I would take a quick time out and fire up the TJ5A on 20 meter cw to see how the band was reacting today. Tuned the antenna up and turned on the TJ5A and set it for 5 watts. asked if teh frequency was busy (QRL?) was on 14.055.
Called cq and brought up The Reverse Beacon Network to see if I was being heard, well I sure was.
My antenna is a Chameleon Hy-Brid coil on a 15' telescopic pole, it is grounded to a ground rod and coax to the radio room. The wire I have on it is about 135' long and is maybe 20' at the far end off the ground. This is what I use on 160 meters as well as it tunes very fast and quite easily.
Called CQ for a few minutes with no one answering me so went back to what I was doing, looking at the RBN list below you can see I was getting out.

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