Tuesday, December 16, 2014

QRP Radios-KN-850

I noticed on ebay today the KN-850 up for sale. I purchased a KN-920 quite some time ago and had trouble with it and never got any help with an exchange, partial refund or a replacement radio for the one I had.
These and the KN-Q10 radios and others are designed by BA6BF. The KN-Q radios have taken off in the past and offer both cw/ssb at 5 watts.
The KN-920 was a nice looking radio but during a qso the radio shut down and shut down my power supply. I had to reset the power supply, turned the radio back on and then noticed the magic smoke that is supposed to stay in the radio slowly making its way out and leaving a smell behind on exit. Turned out a final gave out and traces burnt up. I was sent some new finals and asked to replace them.
Once replaced I tried the radio, power down to zero, keyed the radio up into a dummy load using cw and no problem, slowly cranked the power up and ZAP, there go the repaired traces once again and the magic smoke once again escaped.
I tried 3 sets of finals with no luck.
The seller at Aliexpress ignored my emails and refused to make a partial refund or any kind of return to me despite the Aliexpress policy, so I was not a happy camper needless to say.

I asked the seller today about the KN-850 as it has been reduced in price about his return policy and how well this radio works.
 His reply was this, and I did ask who the builder was:

" HI,, this device made by one Ham, this is the second version, the first version sold several years,
this version is better , and sold server month very good
we provide tech support for life, and or return for repair .
thanks "

So I am guessing the KN-920 was the first version and this is the upgraded better version.
There are many Chinese radios out on the market now offering all kinds of bands and modes, but quality and returns can be an issue as many of us have experienced. The other issue is the cost of these units compared to the big names who have proven themselves.

 The KN-850 covers the original ham bands, plus 6 meters (no FM). So no 30,17,12 meters on this unit.



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  2. It looks like you made the right decision regarding the KN-850. This is from the CRKits list, November, 2014:

    "BA6BF has completed the testing. The VCO for 6m band is a bit unstable during TX and the signal will sound a bit trembling. As there is no plan to add a shielding box, it will leave to end customer to modify or bear with it.

    Again the HF bands sound good in both RX and TX."

    Cait, K9NI