Thursday, November 19, 2015

Xiegu X108 Firmware Update

 Xiegu has come through once again with their latest firmware update to take care of a few small problems that were on the latest version of the X108G OLED outdoor version.

The first fix about a month ago was to address the issue with the Iambic keyer adding extra characters in while trying to send code. That was fixed and all is good now when using a paddle.

This newest firmware update takes care of a few things:
1) Fixed the A=B issue
2) Split mode-You can now work cw on on one VFO and voice on another for working nets when no microphone is available.
3) Split band is also working now so you can operate cross band if required
4) SQL adjustable levels also added to menu

One can now send code using the microphone PTT button while in CW mode in the event a key is not present, there is however no sidetone heard when doing this.
From what I read or what I think I read it looks like maybe one could send code while in USB mode, the rig does key up but there is very little RF going out, you can hear a carrier on another radio but no power deflection is visible.

This is a direct copy from the Xiegu Firmware Folder:

I. Update description
A=B functions are available
[Split screen] mode
Update the transceiver switching logic, both two VFO in any mode, split screen mode are effective.
1.     The PTT switch is no longer disabled in CW mode. Ignoring automatically key settings when PTT is pressed (by pressing the manual key logic), enter the sending State and CW tone generated (microphone effective at this time), release the PTT to produce a state of setting CW the delay time of switching and quit sending.
2.     When not in CW mode, no longer disable keying. Keying action and the VFO key were setup consistent (hand keys left / right automatic key). At this point, the carrier is related to the current VFO mode( Into the launch logic will open the carrier switch).
Key behavior in CW mode is not affected.
PTT behavior is not affected when there is not in CW mode.
3.     [SQL]
Updated SQL code
1.     SQL=0, invalid squelch;
2.     SQL=1~10, the squelch invalid when S signal is greater than the SQL value, otherwise, squelch effectively.
4.     [SQL]
When the user upset the X108G data, you can press the RST key, so that the X108G to restore the calibration data.

II. Firmware update tutorial:
1.     Press the frequency knob (keep the action), turn on, connect the USB cable to the computer.
2.     Open “ My computer”, there is a Update X108 (*:) mobile storage device.
3.     Open Update X108 (*), delete the file, this time on the radio will show delete progress (waiting for progress to complete 100%).
4.     Copy the latest firmware to the Update X108 (*:) to wait for replication to complete, and then disconnect the USB and the computer.
5.     Restart X108G, firmware update is completed!

                                  Xiegu Tech

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  1. Hello, I am very interested in the X108G. I want to get something for our boy scout troop to use on campouts. Our troop is getting its ham license and merit badge for Amateur Radio in November. Do you know of a good place to find a great deal on one? I am not having much luck finding a used one. I am a firefighter and was in the military to if you know if a place that might have a discount. Our troop had limited funds. Thanks for the advice and I enjoy your blog. My email is I am in Kansas City. Thanks again. K0NKC