Sunday, November 15, 2015

Updated YouKits Webpage

Yimin has been hard at work with some updates at the YouKits webpage and some new and updated projects coming.

The HB1B MKIII 2015 is almost ready to roll out onto the market. The HB1B MKII is my favorite rig that I take portable with me all the time when I fly up North.

YouKits can be found at :

We look forward to some of the new toys that YouKits has to offer the ham who likes to operate portable and low power, as well as accessories to help with those antenna projects like antenna analyzers and tuners.

Youkits HB-1B MK3 4 band QRP CW transceiver

The TJ2B handheld is also being re-worked, Yimin says this on his webpage:

 TJ2B in upgrade some new functions!
new products
TJ2B is in upgrade!
High-performance audio AMP IC SA58631 raising audio output level
High-performance IF AGC
Power level indicator
Battery level indicator.
They are scheduled to release at middle of Dec 2015.

So keep an eye on the YouKits webpage for future new products and upgrades.

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