Saturday, February 7, 2015

RaDAR Event February 2015 VE3FAL/PM EN58hh

My plans today were to get out to my Winter Survival shelter and operate in FYBO and the RaDAR event. But snow and a very low windchill changed my mind on the outdoor adventure, but with about 45 minutes in the RaDAR event left I decided to saddle up my PRC-104 with Chameleon whip and give 15 meters a go. With luck I was able to work a few RaDAR stations. Even in -15c (-21c with blowing snow) a warming smile was brought upon my face.
Thanks to those who pulled me out and gave me the opportunity to play late in the game.

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I could not feel my fingers when I got back into the house but it was a great experience none the less.


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