Monday, February 23, 2015

ISS SSTV reception into Thunder Bay,ON EN58hh

Been a long while since I played with satellites or even the ISS for that matter. In fact 2 meters has taken a total backseat for me as it no longer thrills me as far as APRS or even repeaters. IRLP nodes as well just don't do it like they used to, combine that with only one telephone provider (Thunder Bay Telephone) and major dropouts etc on the IRLP it makes it no fun on nodes.
So turned the FT857 on today after reading about the ISS sending SSTV pictures down to earth. Using a dual band vertical at 25' and using MMSSTV I was able to copy these pictures this afternoon. (Monday afternoon in Ontario)
201502231941 201502232115 201502232251

So kinda made my day to see the pictures up on the screen when I got back into the shack.

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