Friday, October 31, 2014

X108 for Shortwave or AM listening

Ok thought I would do some shortwave listening and see how the radio performed on the AM broadcast band.
I first tuned to AM, entered the frequency of 6.000 via the microphone key pad(very cool) to listen to Radio Havana Cuba, adjusted the filters to ATTEMPT to hear the station, 15khz no go, 2.3khz no go and .5khz of course a write off. Tuned around a bit through LSB/USB and found the station was much more intelligible in USB mode.
So I figured I might as well go to 890 WLS Chicago since they have always boomed into Thunder Bay like a local station, same as 650. Anyway, was in AM at 15k on filter and could hardly make out the station, flipped through sidebands and found USB and 2.3k filter was most pleasant for listening to AM. So as a GC receiver the radio needs some work, AM should be one of the easiest modes to perfect. I will make a video of tuning in WLS and post to YouTube.


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